about workshops I facilitate

Like the 42 group, these workshops bring together my passions for literature and person-centredness, and have at their heart a commitment to personal meaning-making and growth. No expertise in either literature or person-centredness is necessary. Though they would be suitable for practitioners looking for CPD, these gatherings are friendly, informal and open to anyone interested in exploration and reflection in a mutually-supportive atmosphere.

ongoing from september 2016

the 42 group
Poetry can speak to us in a unique way. It can amuse,touch, comfort, challenge, enlighten and inspire us. Hearing, reading and exploring poetry with other people, and sharing our own experiences, can help us come to terms with of all sorts of things, and work out where we stand. The 42 group is a place for all these things: a friendly, informal gathering where we can reflect on The Big Stuff—life, the universe and everything.


April 2019 North Lancashire Counselling Service, Lancaster
Walking a dark land: a person-centred exploration of loss and grieving

MAY 2018 St John’s Hospice, Lancaster
Death and all his relations: the ubiquity of loss and the power of “just being”

Winter and Spring 2017, Dove Cottage
Making the world go round: an exploration of passions, pains and poetry

APRIL 2017, Cruse Cumbria
Death and all his relations: the ubiquity of loss

JANUARY-MARCH 2017, South Lakeland Mind
Mapping a dark land: an exploration of loss and grieving

Autumn and Winter 2016, Dove Cottage
What Wordsworth knew: words, wisdom and the art of living well
This course was co-facilitated with Hazel Clarke, the Head Guide at Dove Cottage.

Winter and Spring 2016, Dove Cottage
“the difference to me”: life, loss and literature

Autumn 2015, Tabor Carmelite Retreat House, Preston
Songs from the lonely journey: a person-centred exploration of age, illness and loss.