about person-centred counselling

The person-centred approach was first developed by Carl Rogers in the mid 20th century. It has a hopeful view of human nature, and it holds that all humans have the capacity to heal, develop and grow. It does not deny the existence of trauma, anger, loss, despair, sorrow, fear or other “difficult” emotions. But it does believe that the process of exploring these painful things with a known and trustworthy companion can help you come to terms with them, moving through and beyond them.

Person-centred counselling is a very warm, human and powerful way of working. I aim to build a relationship of trust and confidentiality with my clients so that they feel safe to discuss whatever they need to. As your person-centred counsellor I offer you acceptance, genuineness and empathy: it’s my job to accompany you on your journey and provide support and, when necessary, respectful challenge along the way.

It’s a non-directive form of therapy. I’m not going to have preconceived ideas about what you should or should not do, say or feel, and I’m not going to pressure you into anything you’re not comfortable with. I’m there to support you to work at your own pace towards feeling healthier, happier and more fulfilled.